Top Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investing in Tyler

As an investor, you know that choosing a property in the right neighborhood can mean the difference between a sound investment and a poor one. That’s why most investors look for things such as: 

  • High-ranking schools
  • Parks
  • Dining and shopping options
  • Easy access to major transportation routes for commuting
  • Safe, low-crime areas
  • Peaceful, welcoming surroundings

Investors want what everyone is after — they just want to find it at a great deal to maximize ROI. Finding the right home in the right community is what smart investing is all about. 

Investing in Tyler, Texas Real Estate

Tyler, Texas is a quiet community with a very rich history. It has a growing population and a love for golf, so the demand for homes and real estate is there. However, the cost of living is relatively low, meaning the property can be scooped up by investors for a very reasonable deal. 

If Tyler, Texas is on your radar, let’s take a look at the top neighborhoods for real estate investing. 

Brick Streets Historic District

As the name suggests, this area has brick-paved streets that set it apart from other neighborhoods. With a span of 29 blocks, single-family homes make up most of the structures, although duplexes are common, too. This middle-class neighborhood offers decent schools, professional residents, and close access to downtown. 

The neighborhood dates back to the 1840s and was officially crowned a historic district in 2004.

Azalea District

This populated area is where you will find the most historical homes in Tyler, primarily home to early 1900s architectural masterpieces. It can be broken down further into distinct subdivisions, each maintaining its own set of characteristics. 

Fantastic schools, recreation facilities, brick streets, public parks, and deep heritage make up the Azalea District. Over the years there has been growth and development in this area which continues today. 

The Copeland Neighborhood

Just south of Tyler’s city center is The Copeland Neighborhood. This area is a growing area that has become popular with young professionals. It offers the best of both worlds, giving an artsy, urban city vibe while also offering a quiet, wooded escape. 

Charnwood Residential Historic District

Another historical district in the area, Charnwood offers a variety of distinct architectures and styles. Located on top of a hill, this neighborhood spans about 12 blocks and is close to the downtown area of Tyler. Large homes, high levels of craftsmanship, and incredible character make up this neighborhood. 

S Southwest Loop / Walton Road Neighborhood

Close to the heart of downtown Tyler, where you will find many retail and dining destinations, the quiet S Southwest Loop / Walton Road neighborhood has a lot to offer. It is also very close to schools. Unlike the other well-established neighborhoods, this rural area doesn’t have a lot of historic homes or a strongly established community. What it does have, though, is a lot of potential for future development.

Interested in the Real Estate Investment Market in Texas? 

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