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LindaleLindale is a small city located in Smith County, Texas. It has about two neighborhoods and is the 370th largest city in the state. Lindale is part of the Tyler Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area. It has a wonderful subtropical climate that brings hot humid summers and cool winters. The city is known as the "Blackberry Capital of the World" and goes by the motto "Good Country Living." There is no public transportation and commuting is necessary as much of the local workforce is employed outside the community. Over 21.5 % of adults over age 25 have four-year degrees or higher. It is a warm friendly community, which is somewhat racially and ethnically diverse. English remains the primary language and a number of residents also speak fluent Spanish.

Before settlers founded Lindale in 1871, the area was inhabited by native people of the Caddo and Cherokee tribes. Early industries included the production and canning of fruits and berries, as well as cotton production. At its incorporation in 1905 the community spanned approximately one square mile. In 1875, the community was the home of a station along the International Great Northern Railroad. By 1903, it had grown into the third largest city in the county. City growth slowed over the years and other communities surpassed them in size. In recent years, due to increased traffic on I-20 and US-69, the community has experienced new growth and development both residentially and commercially. Today the canning factory is closed and the small, but thriving community has turned to rose growing, hay production and the raising of cattle as their main industries.

Today the community spans approximately four square miles of virtually all land area. In 2000, the population was 2,954 and the population density was 736.2 people per square mile. In the same year the median household income was $33,733, the median family income was $38,787 and the per capita was $14,825. By 2010, the per capita income had risen to $20,798. Economic growth continued and in 2013, the estimated median household income was $47,310 and the estimated per capita income was $18,889. Further, in the same year, the mean housing prince on all units was $157,632, the median house or condo value was $127,489 and median gross rent was $1,035. It is a solid middle income community when compared to state and national economic standards. The community has a mixed workforce of white and blue collar workers and a mixed job market that offers many opportunities.

Public education in Lindale is provided by the wonderful schools of the Lindale Independent School District. The district includes schools such as Velma Penny Elementary, E.J. Moss Intermediate, Lindale High School and others. Lindale is no longer one of the biggest communities in the county. However, it is a cozy and beautiful community that continues to thrive in its rural nature. Homes for sale are primarily single family structures, which come in a variety of sizes and styles. Other...

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