Our Clients use our Moving Truck Free for Life!

Clients of The Pamela Walters Group can use our moving truck free for life, whether you need it for moving, picking up furniture, etc.


  • A refundable $50 cash gas deposit is required

  • Please return the truck with a full tank of gas for a deposit refund

  • The truck cannot be reserved for more than 3 days at a time

  • The truck may not be taken outside of Smith County

  • Dollies must be secure and returned with the truck

  • The truck must be returned clean

  • Keys must be returned to the office (use maildrop in the front door after hours and on weekends)

The truck can be picked up during office hours between 8 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday. You'll need to bring your deposit, driver's license, and proof of insurance when you come in. If you want to use the truck over a weekend, you’ll need to get the keys from the office during our regular hours on Friday. If you return the truck on a Sunday, you’ll need to put the keys through the front door maildrop and then return to our office during the week to retrieve your deposit.

The calendar below shows the dates the truck is reserved. If the truck is available when you need it, please fill out the form below the calendar to submit your reservation request and we will email you to confirm your reservation.