5 Things Home Buyers Should Consider

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Most homebuyers looking at homes for sale in Tyler, TX have a list of features they would like their new home to possess. Popular features include a double oven, a garage door opener, an open floor plan, etc. They will also usually compose a list of things to avoid, such as a dark living room, an unfenced yard, and more. Occasionally, a house is found, the home buyers fall in love with it, and their previous preferences and disqualifiers vanish. Perhaps this home offers features they hadn’t known they wanted, such as a pool, built-ins, lots of windows, and an extra-large kitchen.

All the items mentioned above are the obvious likes and dislikes. But what are the top complaints of home owners who have lived in their home for a time? Mortgage data research firm HSH.com surveyed homeowners to discover their main complaints:

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    Lack of Storage

    When homeowners encounter this problem, there are only three things that can be done – enlarge closets, build storage, or have a garage sale. How many of us have bought things we thought we had to have that we ended up not using? It’s easy, when viewing a potential new home, to think the storage is adequate. More often than not, people accumulate belongings over time, though. Perhaps there is a new baby, items have been purchased for the home, etc. Thus, when you’re looking at homes, you would be well advised to anticipate this in advance.

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    Too Much Maintenance

    You finally find THE home you love; the garden is beautiful, the stained concrete patio and deck produces images of fabulous barbecues and parties, and the turquoise bedroom looks refreshingly unique. The A/C is old but not too old, the roofwas replaced 12 years ago (not too bad) and the kitchen appliances look fine. A year passes. The beautiful garden needs lots of attention to keep it that way, and that large back yard you thought your dogs needed must be mowed weekly. You realize you’re spending your Saturdays mowing and gardening (and let’s not forget cleanup after winter), so you start paying someone $150 per month to take care of it for you. The stained concrete patio and deck needs to be re-stained every year to keep it looking decent (which you didn’t realize). This can run $900 and up. The A/C is holding up ok, but you’ve had to call for A/C repair when a capacitor blew in the heat of the summer. And that turquoise bedroom? Getting kind of old – maybe neutral isn’t so bad after all. Time to go buy paint and supplies! With all the hail we seem to be getting here in Tyler, that 12-year-old roof could very well have been damaged and need replacing. All homes require maintenance, but looking at homes realistically, with the idea of how much maintenance may be required, might be a wise idea. The fact is, maintaining a home can be expensive, so try to anticipate what the maintenance issues might be a year down the road when you’re looking at homes for sale. You could save yourself a lot of time and money!

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    The House is too Small

    Vacant homes look bigger than they really are, and there are a lot of vacant homes for sale in Tyler! This is where your imagination really needs to come into play. Measurements help, but you really need to visualize your furniture in the home. Be sure to allow adequate spacing between each piece. If you really love the house, you may want to consider an addition at some point. Does your new home have space for adding on?

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    Low Water Pressure

    A surprising number of homeowners polled cited low water pressure as a problem, which it is if you can’t take a shower when the dishwasher is running! If all your faucets have low water pressure, chances are your water company is delivering it at low pressure. There isn’t much that can be done, in that case, except call to complain or start a neighborhood petition. Consequently, you may want to add checking the water pressure to your list of preferences. Try out the faucets and flush the toilets to see if it’s acceptable in your favorite homes.

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    Noisey, Messy Neighbors

    You should be able to readily see if the neighborhood you are interested in has messy neighbors. However, you may need to drive through the area at a couple of different times of night to check the noise levels (which may include barking dogs). Some neighborhoods have a whole different look at night since everyone is home. Are there a bunch of teenagers hanging out? Is there more traffic? Are the streets lined with parked cars?

The moral of the story is, when you’re looking at homes for sale, be sure to keep your priorities in mind and think of how living in the home you want to buy will impact your life down the road. The more you research your new home for all the potential issues, the happier you’ll be in it for a longer period of time. Doesn’t that make it worth adding a few things to your list of things to look for and avoid?

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