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4 Easy Steps to Buying a Home

By Pamela Walters

3 min read

Get Pre-Qualified for a Loan

The most important first step in buying a home is to get pre-qualified by a mortgage lender. Your loan
pre-approval will tell you how much house you can afford and will tell your REALTOR® that you are
serious about buying a home. Getting pre-qualified is quick and easy – just fill out the short application
from our trusted mortgage partner, Tyler Home Mortgage or any other trusted lender.

Educate Yourself

Learn all about Tyler area schools, businesses, demographics, home values,
and when you know the area of Tyler in which you would like to live, search our  listings to find the right home in the right area. Better yet, give one of our Buyer’s Agents a call. They will help you discover the neighborhoods that would be right for you, and will then set you up on an automatic email that will show you the brand new MLS listings every day. This is an invaluable service since so many homes are sold quickly after being listed in the MLS.

Get Representation or your REALTOR® Must Negotiate for the Seller!

By law, all REALTORS® must represent the seller unless you have a signed Buyer’s Representation
agreement with a Buyer’s Agent. Many buyers make the mistake of calling the REALTOR® shown on
the For Sale yard sign. That agent will use everything you tell them to negotiate the best price for the
seller! Any REALTOR® you call will be legally obligated to work for the seller, so what is the
solution? The Pamela Walters Group has Buyer’s Agents who will represent your best interests and
negotiate price for YOU, once you sign the Buyer’s Representation agreement. They are then released
from the legal obligation to represent the seller. This is very important information, and yet most buyers
are not aware of it. Call our office at 903.581.3900 if you have any questions.

Start to Look at Homes

The final step in your home search is to get in the car and go out looking at homes. You will have
received your pre-qualification letter from your lender, you’ll know which areas of town you would like
to live in, you will have found a Buyer’s Agent to work with, and now you get to actually start looking
for your future home. Having an experienced Buyer’s Agent in your corner can save you time, money
and headaches – and with this peace of mind, you’ll be able to enjoy the search for your new home!