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What is it like to live in Tyler, TX?

Tyler is a family-friendly town with generally low noise levels where you can settle in and get a sense of community. Tyler, TX has lots of activities and shopping catering to all age groups to keep you and your family engaged and having fun together.

What types of homes are available in Tyler, TX?

Single-family detached homes make up the majority of the homes for sale in Tyler. Townhouses and condominiums are also available in select areas of town. The majority of the residents in the area own their homes, with about 60% of residential dwellings being occupied by homeowners.

What is transportation like in Tyler, TX?

Tyler, TX is very much a driving town when it comes to getting around. While there is a rush hour in the earlier morning and late afternoon, traffic is not a major concern for most residents. The interstates, highways, and main roads keep residents on the move without spending hours sitting in their car.

Why has Tyler been growing year over year?

Tyler’s population has steadily grown as more and more people are attracted to the lifestyle the city has to offer. 98,367 people called Tyler home in 2008. As of 2018, Tyler had a population of 105,729.

Much of this population growth is due to the thriving local economy Tyler offers, combined with a reasonable cost of living. Each dollar goes a lot further in Tyler compared to state-wide averages for Texas, and even more so for USA country-wide averages.

Helping fuel this growth is Tyler’s accessibility and connections to the rest of Texas. Tyler is easily accessible to Dallas being only an easy 1.5 hour drive away.

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