"This guide will educate you on the entire process of selling a home."

Comprehensive Real Estate

Seller's Guide

Comprehensive Real Estate Seller's Guide

40+ Pages

All the info you’ll need when selling real estate compacted into a little over 40 pages.

Top Remodeling Trends

Gather info from our research to help you make better decisions in remodeling.

Closing the Deal

We walk you step by step through the closing process.

Mortgage, Loan, and more

We go in depth into the financial process of selling real estate.

Table of Contents

  • About The Pamela Walters Group
  • Before You Sell: The Necessary Criteria
  • Reality TV versus Reality
  • Why You Need a Listing Agent
  • Thinking of going ‘For Sale by Owner’ (FSBO)?
  • Life Cycle of a Real Estate Transaction
  • First-Time Homebuyer Overview
  • When to Invest in your House
  • Top Remodeling Trends
  • How valuable are Outdoor upgrades?
  • Smart Tech and Housing
  • Why You Benefit from Better Marketing
  • Finances and understanding the buyer for your House.
  • The Mortgage, Loan, and more
  • Offer Accepted!
  • Closing the deal on your property
  • Closing Costs: What to Expect on Closing Day
  • Glossary of Terms

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