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Property Management - Tyler, TX

The Pamela Walters Group Property Management Services in Tyler, TX, has the knowledge and experience to provide you, the investment property owner, the rental property management services you need to reap the benefits of rental ownership without the headaches that accompany them. We provide you with a range of services, including leasing vacant units, complete application background screening, rent collections, financial reporting, routine maintenance needs, and more, as listed below. You can count on us for personal attention that you may not find elsewhere.

Let us take the stresses off your hands, whether you you have one or a dozen rental properties.

Property Management Services

1. Market Rent Analysis
TPWG Property Management will evaluate the rental property, research market comparable properties utilizing its vast database of rental comps and utilize our expertise of the market to recommend a rental rate that will maximize the income potential for your rental property.

2. Property Marketing
Property marketing is about exposure, awareness and ultimately generating traffic. TPWG Property Management has a dedicated department who’s primary goal is to create and drive traffic to your property. TPWG Property Management utilizes yard signage, vehicle decal advertising, flyers, referral programs, company website, internet listing services, social networking, and partnerships with local businesses.

3. Property Leasing
TPWG Property Management has the staff available to show your home. The leasing process involves setting the appointment, meeting the prospect at the home, giving a guided tour through the home and determining the needs of the prospect, the leasing agent will highlight how the home meets the needs of the prospect and attempt to close the sale by asking for an application. Most importantly, TPWG Property Management tracks and monitors the traffic on your home to identify issues that may be keeping your home from renting and will make recommendations with the goal of leasing your rental home fast.

4. Tenant Screening
Tenant screening for your rental home is an extremely important aspect of protection your investment. TPWG Property Management will conduct a credit check, a criminal background check, and eviction search, residential history check and reference check. TPWG Property Management Solutions will verify all household income to ensure the applicant has the ability to pay not only your rent but all of their other bills as well. Screening will significantly improve the chances of a quality resident in your rental home.

5. Lease Paperwork Preparation and Execution
The Rental Agreement and relevant addendums are one of the most important aspects of rental property. The Rental Agreement outlines the relationship between the rental property owner and the tenant. This includes the rental rate, the security deposit, the late fees, expectations of when rent should be paid and how the property should be maintained. The Rental Agreement also provides the legal tool necessary to take action if the tenant does not uphold their end of the bargain. TPWG Property Management ensures that the proper lease documentation is used, prepared and executed. This provides a level of security In dealing with any potential issues that may occur at your rental home should they occur.

6. Move-In Inspections
The move-in inspection is the primary source to document the condition of your home prior to a tenant taking possession. The move-in inspection will be used to determine if a resident has damaged your home and will be referenced during the quarterly inspections and at move-out. TPWG Property Management utilizes a comprehensive move-in inspection checklist and provide backup in the form of photo images. The move-in inspection and a printed version of the photos are signed by the tenant at move in and become a part of the lease Agreement.

7. Resident Correspondence & Issue Resolution
Tenants occupying your rental home will at times have Issues that do not pertain to maintenance or rent. There are times when a resident is not being a good neighbor or may have decided to get a pet when they were not supposed to. These types of lease infractions must be dealt with in a very specific way and TPWG Property Management experience resolving these issues in a way that protects your agreement and keeps the resident in place throughout the remainder of the agreement.

8. Rent Collection
The payment of rent is the primary reason you own a rental home. TPWG Property Management takes the rent collection process very seriously. Our approach includes providing enough flexibility to account for legitimate life issues that may lead to a late payment here and there while at the same time minimizing the number of serial late and non-pay residents. The collection process TPWG Property Management employs is very effective and consists of a combination of written reminders, telephone communications, late fee penalties. The result is a very high collections success rate or the quick identification of tenants that need to be evicted.

9. Eviction Processing
The eviction process can be tricky. There are required notices that must be given, there are fair housing components that must be recognized and a timing aspect that must be taken into consideration. TPWG Property Management has the processes down to maximize the timeliness of the eviction allowing TPWG Property Management to minimize the amount of time that the rental property is non-income generating. TPWG Property Management will take care of all the administrative requirements of the eviction, be present at the eviction hearings and process the move-out in the most efficient manner possible.

10. Maintenance Management
Maintenance is the number one driver of costs for the rental home owner. TPWG Property Management will document all incoming maintenance requests from the tenant, address the maintenance as directed by you in the management contract, charge back all damages or issues caused by the tenant and provide reporting to outline the issue. TPWG Property Management has licensed insured/ capable of resolving bonded plumbing, electrical, or HVAC contractor.

11. Emergency Response
TPWG Property Management is equipped to resolve your after-hours maintenance emergencies. Generally speaking an after-hours emergency is anything that cannot wait until the next business day without causing damage to your property. You are never bothered with the after hours problems.

12. Annual Inspections
Annual inspections are very important tool in the protection of your rental home. TPWG Property Management will visit your rental property on a quarterly basis, change the filter, check the smoke alarms and inspect the home for obvious tenant damage, sanitary issues and unauthorized pet or people issues. If a lease violation occurs then TPWG Property Management will have the ability to deal with it in real time rather than at move out. Damages that are discovered are repaired and charged to the tenant immediately saving the property owner money. Sanitary issues, unauthorized pets and people are resolved with the goal of protecting the condition of your home.

13. Property Bill Pay
TPWG Property Management will pay all property bills utilizing the funds collected from rents. This may include maintenance, utilities, HOA fees, mortgages, taxes and insurance. Of course this is all at the property owner’s discretion and can be set up to meet your individual needs.

14. Move-Out Inspections
The move-out inspection process is what determines the condition of your rental home when the tenant moves out. TPWG Property Management utilizes a comprehensive move-out inspection checklist and provide backup in the form of photo images. The move-out condition will be compared to the move-in condition along with the photos to determine damages, charge back the tenant and withhold funds from the security deposit.

15. Security Deposit Management
Security Deposits must be returned to the tenant within a certain amount of time per Landlord/Tenant law. If the deposit isn’t returned or if a statement of charges isn’t provided within this time frame the tenant may be entitled to damages. TPWG Property Management has the resources to ensure this very important function occurs in a timely manner. TPWG Property Management will complete the move out process, charge the resident any property damages and ensure that the remaining deposit and settlement statement are delivered in the appropriate time frame.

16. Turnover Maintenance
Turnover maintenance is usually the most challenging task for a property owner to complete. TPWG Property Management is well equipped with the resources necessary to manage this process for you. TPWG Property Management will complete a property assessment that will identify any maintenance or cosmetic issues that need to be addressed and prepare a detailed list of those items. Using that list cost estimate will be prepare and presented to the rental home owner outlining the issues and cost. The rental home owner may then direct us to complete those repairs in full or in part. The list is also available to the rental home owner in the event that there are items they would like to address themselves. The primary goal of this process is to get the rental home back on the market as soon as possible. Vacancy is expensive and the home cannot be rented until it is ready and back on the market.

17. Litigation Management
The rental home owner has to deal with legal issues all of the time. Fair Housing Compliance, Landlord/Tenant Law, Personal Injury Claims, Evictions, Collections, Lease Disputes, Insurance Claims just to name a few. This is where TPWG Property Management can really be of assistance. Rental Management Solutions spends a lot of time and effort ensuring compliance with policy and procedures that avoid exposure these types of liabilities.

Unfortunately, our processes do not eliminate only minimize exposure. However, when you are a client of TPWG Property Management you have a real partner in dealing with these types of issues. This includes access to tenant documentation, issue documentation, legal counsel and industry expertise.