Remodeling? How to Calculate Costs

We’re always keeping a look out for tools and resources that our buyer and seller clients may find useful.  This week, we have discovered a wonderful website that can be an indispensable tool for for sellers looking at ways to update up their homes before putting them on the market. It can be very difficult to estimate costs when several projects are contemplated, and that’s where Fixr comes in. You will find home remodeling cost guides for all kinds of projects:

Indoor Cost Guides include HVAC, bedroom, disability remodeling, doors, windows, electrical, flooring, kitchens, and much more with detailed information for each category.

Outdoor Cost Guides include awnings, driveways, fences and gates, garages, landscaping, gutters, roofing, siding, solar, swimming pool and a few more.

There is also a Services Cost Guide, and it is incredibly detailed. If you click on Handyman, for example, you will see the average national price per hour, but you can also enter your zip code to find the typical rates for that area. In Tyler, for example, handyman rates are 24% lower than the national average. Continuing to use the handyman service as an example, the types of jobs performed are broken down with typical costs for each.

The Fixr website will arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions to get the job done right and for the appropriate cost.

Fixr has also published an article, 2018 Home Trends to Guide your Staging that is well worth a read!