5 Non-Electronic Activities to Enjoy During Self-Isolation

Being stuck at home due to a pandemic can be difficult and boring. Yes, it’s the safest place you can be, but after a while, you might begin to feel restless. Unfortunately, this can lead to arguments among family members who are spending time with each other 24/7. While you and your family might be entertained for a while using electronic devices, eventually you’ll want to branch out to find other activities.


How many times have you thought “I’ll read that book when I have the time?” You are likely have quite a few books that you’ve either never read before or that you haven’t read in quite a while. Pull one of those off of the shelf and read it. If family members are open to it, you could even read a book aloud. Younger children might even be interested in playing different characters in the book. This could be a fun activity that involves the whole family.

Board Games

Do you have an assortment of board and card games you haven’t played in a while? This is a great time to pull them out to play with your family. This can be especially fun if you have an old game that you loved playing when you were a kid. Sharing this with your own children will allow you to connect and develop a shared interest.

New Recipe

Now is a great time to try out a new recipe – one that you make up! You probably won’t be able to head out and get a bunch of new food items, so, look around your pantry, and figure out what you have available. Another alternative is to call your family and friends and have them share their favorite recipes or help you figure out what you can make with what you have. You could even create a family or friends’ cookbook, either in digital form or as a physical book. This is also a fun opportunity to involve your children in the cooking process.

Outdoor Fun

Just doing yard work or playing an outdoor game in your backyard can help your whole family feel less restless. You can walk or ride your bike around your neighborhood. Getting outside of your house in these ways will allow you to be safe while also getting some fresh air.


Meditating has been proven to bring about a more content and peaceful mind. While it can sound challenging, it’s actually very simple to get started. Find a quiet, relaxed place. Sit down and focus only on one thing – breathing is the most common. If you find your mind wondering, just circle back to the one thing you are focusing on. It’s all about practicing bringing yourself back to focusing on a single thing without distraction, which results in a state of relaxation. Learning to empty your mind is also valuable if you find your mind is overly active at night when you try to sleep.

These are just a few of the ways that you can keep yourself entertained without electronics, even if you are home for an extended period. As you do a few of these activities, you may find that these are things that you will want to continue to do with your family, even after you are no longer needing to stay at home.